In computer programming, the || operator is used for concatenation - that is, the joining of two things together.

So it's a logical structure for me, a fourth-year Aerospace Engineering student simultaneously minoring in Creative Writing. The combination gets me a lot of double takes, but I like being something of a Renaissance Man.
I also have interests in animation, video editing, backpacking, sailing, karate, geography, politics, and women's issues. Expect posts about a lot of different things!

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"You know the Mantis style?"
"Haha, I wouldn’t say ‘know’; I might say ‘dabbled in' -“
"Show me."


Exchange,” Kim Possible, Season 2. 


One of my favorite bits of animation from the entire series. I’ve slowed down the gif framerate about 50% from the actual episode framerate (first time using Photoshop to do it!! I used the tutorial here) to capture the combat moves and little emotions…. They did a stunning job on Kim’s bod too… This episode came out in November 2003, when I was thirteen, and…









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