In computer programming, the || operator is used for concatenation - that is, the joining of two things together.

So it's a logical structure for me, a fourth-year Aerospace Engineering student simultaneously minoring in Creative Writing. The combination gets me a lot of double takes, but I like being something of a Renaissance Man.
I also have interests in animation, video editing, backpacking, sailing, karate, geography, politics, and women's issues. Expect posts about a lot of different things!

DeviantArt page: http://fireandchutes77.deviantart.com
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Sorry for the trouble, Rarity by FoxInShadow

oooo I like the idea of Intricate Mechanic Rarity a lot.

The attention to detail, patience, and intensity-of-focus that make someone a good seamstress/fashionista would translate well into delicate electronics work. 

Rare’s user interface looks awesome as well. :D